Why Choose Discover Camp?


  1. Camp founder Sabrina Rich and director David O’Neil are active, well respected public school teachers with more than 70 years combined teaching experience. Anthony Melendez, assistant director, is a NYS certified technology teacher who works full time at Discover Camp.
  2. The majority of Discover Camp’s teachers are NYS certified teachers. Our other instructors have degrees and experience in their chosen fields.
  3. Discover Camp actively seeks the most talented teachers and instructors in the region.
  4. Teachers design their own courses and love what they are teaching.
  5. Our student to adult ratio is typically 5:1.
  6. We encourage differentiation of curriculum to meet a wide range of student abilities.
  7. We believe that all children excel when provided with enrichment activities and a supportive environment.
  8. All counselors are former campers of Discover Camp, former students of the directors or are personally recommended by an instructor. Discover Camp does not advertise for counselors. This further reinforces the family atmosphere at camp.
  9. Children select their courses and return year after year. Every summer we experience a 90% camper return rate.
  10. 80% of all new campers are referred by existing Discover Camp families.
  11. Discover Camp provides a secure and enjoyable setting for children to explore new classes, fostering a positive learning experience and the discovery of new hobbies.
  12. There are seven computer labs available, including six Dell labs with 25 laptops each, one Mac Lab with 24 Mac Book Pros and one robotics lab with 20 Dell laptops.
  13. Two state of the art Virtual Reality Labs.
  14. The only camp in the U.S. with two dedicated 3D printing labs with over 50 printers.
  15. “No expense spared” attitude towards investing in the best materials for camp.
  16. We own all our equipment and re-invest every year in new technologies.
  17. On-site, off-road radio controlled truck and buggy track.
  18. Fully catered lunch program.
  19. All classrooms and the cafeteria are air conditioned.
  20. Flexible payment plan.
  21. Discover Camp is quite simply, “The Best Camp in Westchester!”-Discover Camp parent.
Last modified: Saturday, January 13, 2024, 9:07 PM