Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

"We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible second session our children have had! What a camp you run! Each day our children come home telling us about each one of their classes with so many specifics and they are so happy. The staff is tremendous. We will definitely recommend you to other families. I can wholeheartedly recommend your camp from personal experience. Thank you so very much and we very much look forward to next summer and beyond with Discover Camp!" Best, -Sheryl and Rob

"On behalf of our entire family we wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for yet another amazing summer. The dedication and hard work you put into this camp shows through each of you, and in the excitement of the kids when they come home and tell us how great their day was. We are impressed with how polite and helpful each of you are and how eager you are to make the experience a happy positive one. Thank you for creating such a wonderful camp and creating great memories. To quote our son, the Discover Camp Family, and Mr. Rich "rocks". See you next year!!"-The Lubrino's

"It's hard to believe that Discover Camp is such a "young camp." My children have been to many camps that have operated for much longer than Discover and Discover Camp is by far the most organized Camp we've ever been to. In addition, I have never experienced a camp with better communication. We love the daily e-mail updates! Keep up the hard work and continue to keep us informed with what happens at camp."- Laura

"We are so blown away by the Discover Camp experience. I have to tell you that our son has been to several other camps and he hated all of them. I had very low expectations when I signed him up for your camp because we have never had a successful experience in the summer. We just assumed that camp wasn't his thing. Imagine my surprise when three weeks into camp he actually still gets excited to go. Never an argument. He loves the staff and he even commented on how nice the kids are. We are so grateful for the program and he is already planning what he is taking next summer. Really, I can't thank you enough!!" -Laurie

"I wanted to thank you and Mr. O'Neil and Mr. Melendez and staff for another amazing summer at Discover Camp (his 5th). Discover has been a God send for my son and the summer days of the camp sessions are truly the most reliably happy days for him of the entire year. School is not a good fit for him and he really spends the year waiting to get back to camp. As such, this night before the last day of camp is a bit melancholy for us. I think you should open a school based on Discover. Anyway, we love you guys, we love the courses Discover has to offer and I loved the new open house format. I got to visit with the counselors and participate in the activities and watch what they do in the course of the hour and a half. You guys are always raising the bar from the swift handling of the parking/dismissal, which is a feat in itself, to the designs on the shirts and the constant troubleshooting that I am sure occurs all summer long." - Grace

"My son has been there for 4 years and while you have certainly grown in size, I have to compliment you on keeping the quality of the program at a high level. My son, has enjoyed getting to know his counselors and looks up to them. He has learned a lot in his classes -- I think he came home every day saying ‘I love Aeronautics!" He also enjoys the freedom of ordering his own PEANUT FREE lunch and I appreciate the attention you give to food allergies. One of the reasons why I choose DC is because it is hands-on learning and allows for an in-depth study of a topic, two elements that are missing in our schools. I think there is more than one mother out there who wishes that DC was a "school" because it allows for the exploration and mastery of subjects but doesn't involve the memorization and rote learning. It is learning by doing, and making meaningful connections to a subject, and experiencing success which then spurs more curiosity. Research has shown that certain qualities are predictors of future success in children -- zest, grit, self-control, optimism, gratitude, social intelligence, and curiosity. As parents, we try to encourage our children to develop these character traits and DC provides many opportunities for these qualities to flourish. I also think the counselors are excellent role models. Thank you for the hard work all year round that you put into DC so that the summer camp is a success."- Dana

"I just wanted to report in that my two children are new campers this year and they cannot express more enthusiastically (from DAY ONE) how very much they are enjoying every aspect of camp! They are sooooo immensely happy and look greatly forward to each day! They have so much excitement (and stories to tell of learning and fun) when they get off the bus each day. It is truly wonderful." – Lori

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