About Discover Camp

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe this will be my twenty-second consecutive year of running summer enrichment programs in Westchester. After starting Discover Camp only nine years ago it has grown to an incredible 112 different classes. Discover Camp is a direct reflection of my personal and professional interests. My wife Sabrina is the Director of Technology in Ardsley with twenty plus years of experience and I’ve been teaching technology classes to elementary and middle school students for twenty-two years in Eastchester but Discover really started in my early year.

As a child I played with LEGO Blocks, HO and Lionel trains, built slot cars to race at Elmsford Raceway, flew and crashed RC airplanes and then built and raced radio controlled cars. As I grew up, my love of hobbies grew into my love of cars. I’ve owned many cars that I’ve worked on and even today continue to care for our family’s cars with a passion. It is important to have healthy hobbies. As a child I was always very busy and as an adult my hobbies allow me to escape stress or redirect stress into something positive. Throughout the year I try to stay current on new trends in technologies. My home garage is full of “research.” I have several different 3D printers set up, an Epilog laser etcher and tons of tools. I read MAKE magazine and 20 other monthly publications and I love to read books, especially non-fiction. 3D printing, or additive manufacturing as it’s known in the trade, is still relatively new to the public. This is our fifth year utilizing 3D printers and we’re investing in even more printers for our classes bringing our total to around 32. One of the things that has always separated Discover Camp is that we’ve never focused on the bottom line. It’s always been about finding the coolest new tools, technologies and products that fit our philosophy and adding them to the programs at camp. Discover Camp allows me to continue my love of hobbies and technologies only now I’m always thinking of how I can use them to introduce children to the latest trends.

If you are new to Discover Camp our Hawthorne facility is just 5 minutes north of White Plains and features 17 air conditioned classrooms. The school is easily accessible from the Sprain, Taconic, Bronx River, and Saw Mill River Parkways. During the school year our children are more stressed than ever as our schools are mandated to give more tests and fight for rankings. I believe Discover Camp allows children the summer break they need while feeding their love of stimulating, enriching, hands-on-experiences.

Truly yours,
Anthony & Sabrina Rich & Family