Meet The Directors

Meet The Directors

  • Sabrina Rich
  • David O'Neil
  • Anthony Melendez
  • Cara de Leon
  • Jillian Kaplan
  • Matt Gray

Sabrina Rich & daughters, Ariana and OliviaDear Families,

This year marks the seventeenth anniversary of Discover Camp. In 2008, my late husband Anthony, had a vision of creating a day camp inspired by his love for hobbies. He worked tirelessly to turn that dream into reality. Since the camp’s establishment, our daughters Olivia and Ariana, had the privilege of being campers. As they grew, they transitioned into roles as counselors and played pivotal roles in the day-to-day operations of DC. Currently Olivia is our very talented photographer/videographer who creates the daily videos that we share with our families and has also taken on the role of setting up our camp facility in May, ensuring a smooth transformation in preparation for all the summer fun.

As a child, my dream was always to become a teacher. My father even fashioned a little schoolhouse in our basement, complete with a teacher’s desk, student desks, chalkboard, and library of books. I would gather my brother and sister every Saturday, dragging them down to attend my makeshift school. I dedicated myself to my passion, achieving two Master’s Degrees: one in Education with a focus on Computer Science, and the other in Library Science. Carrying on my love for teaching, I am completing my 31st year as an educator, with the last 26 spent in Ardsley, where I currently serve as the Director of Technology. Following a similar path, my daughters, Ariana and Olivia, are both achieving notable milestones in their respective fields. I am proud to share that in May 2024, Ariana will be graduating from New York Medical College with her Masters in Medical Speech Language Pathology and Olivia will be graduating from Pace University with her Bachelors of Science in Psychology.

Discover Camp is truly an exceptional and unique summer day camp that is designed for children aged 5 to 15. With over 100 captivating classes, campers can tailor their schedules, guided by talented structors, certified teachers and industry professionals ensuring your child’s development in a 5:1 camper-to-staff ratio. Our camp prioritizes safety. We have our own security guard on campus. All of our classrooms are air-conditioned and we serve delicious catered lunches daily. Beyond being a camp, Discover Camp becomes a second home, a creative oasis where your child can unleash their imagination, fuel their curiosity, develop new friendships, and pursue their passions.

I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of reuniting with all the campers at Discover Camp this summer. Witnessing the vibrant energy as the campers engage with our talented instructors brings me great joy. The enthusiasm for learning, whether it’s about engineering, building, cooking, or art, creates an electrifying atmosphere that is truly contagious. Greeting the students in the morning has become a cherished ritual, and the sight of them eagerly jumping out of their vehicles and seeing their faces light up is a testament to the genuine passion and love each and every one of them holds for Discover Camp.

MiloDiscover Camp eagerly anticipates providing an enriching experience for your child. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime!

Kind Regards,

Sabrina Rich, Founder and Director

Mr. O'Neil and FamilyDear Families,

When I was 14 years old I knew I wanted to become a teacher. In the freshman year of high school I had a teacher, Mr. D, who made a positive impact on me. I knew right then and there that I wanted to do the same for others. My heart and mind were set on being a teacher and a coach.

Over the past twenty-five years I have taught children with all styles of learning. The one thing that holds true, no matter the child, is the link between success and passion. Discover Camp provides children with opportunities to learn with passion.

Upon graduation from Iona University in 1999, I began working at P.S. 24 in the Bronx as a fifth grade teacher. It was there, working with Columbia’s Teachers College, where the foundation and philosophy of teaching were born. It was there where I caught the progressive bug for constructivist learning. Upon completing a master’s degree in Reading from Lehman College and a professional diploma in Teacher Leadership from Bank Street School of Education, I ventured into the realm of Westchester County teaching.

In 2003, I began teaching fifth grade at the Anne Hutchinson School in Eastchester. I began a school garden which grew in size over the years, and a recycling and composting program that earned a National Green Ribbon in 2014. I loved teaching all the subject areas, but especially loved cooking in the classroom with the bounty from the garden. It proved to be a passion of mine which led me to get involved with the Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse in New Rochelle where I was appointed the executive director of Dr. Wildcliff’s Haunted Greenhouse and Mansion, a major fundraiser for the Greenhouse.

As the summers passed and while Discover Camp grew, I earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and thought I was ready to pursue the next part of my vision, becoming a principal. The issue was never opportunity, but the realization that I never wanted to leave the classroom and that’s where Discover Camp has provided me the balance I had been looking for. As the director, I have the opportunity to take on a leadership role during the summer and teach in the classroom during the school year, which is truly my passion.

Currently I serve as a STEM Teacher in the Eastchester School District. In this position I work with 2nd-5th grade children in 3D Design, Coding, Engineering, Google Suite, and much more at the Anne Hutchinson School where I am celebrating my 20th year.

Discover Camp has a special place in my heart. Being a part of its inception has been a rewarding experience. My wife and I were two of the original six teachers when the camp first opened. Every summer we all get to “Discover” something new and exciting.

Kind Regards,

David O’Neil, Director

Mr. and Mrs. Melendez and son GabrielDear Families,

This will be my 15th summer at Discover Camp. I can not believe some of the campers I have seen or taught at camp will be going into college. I truly feel lucky to be working in such a special place.

Discover Camp is more than a job to me. It has developed into a home away from home and a career. I work very closely with Mrs. Rich and spend lots of time with her family. They have truly made me feel like part of their family.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and a Master’s degree in Education. I spent a year studying abroad in Brazil, where I researched their automotive industry and use of alternative fuel and energy sources. Being immersed in another culture was a very rewarding experience. Not only did it teach me how to accept and be able to communicate with diverse populations but it also renewed my confidence in the resources and talents we have here at home.

Young people today are not only growing up in a technological world but a very global one as well. Opportunities are there for them to be creative, adventurous and inquisitive. I have been able to witness this firsthand by working with Discover Camp.

During the year I am working behind the scenes to create new enrichment activities, exploring the latest innovations, designing the Discover Camp brochure, attending conventions and fairs and coordinating registration. These activities keep me excited and motivated to enhance the camp’s impressive programs. The best part of my job is meeting families and campers. These interactions truly make me appreciate my job and make me love it even more!

Everyday brings new challenges and new ideas. Part of our philosophy is to make sure Discover Camp is on the leading edge of what is new. All the work done year round comes together for me during the summer when I get to see all the pieces fit into place. By far, one of the biggest highlights is when campers come to me to show me the projects they are working on. I am excited to see what campers do this year. It is truly inspiring to see the magic that happens at camp. Discover Camp is a one of a kind place. I wish it was around when I was younger! I cannot wait for the day my son will be attending.


Anthony Melendez

Executive Director

Cara de Leon and FamilyDear Families,

I am very pleased to enter my sixth year as a registered nurse at Discover Camp. I have been a registered nurse for ten years. With experience in having worked in a hospital and also a pediatric practice, I have been the school nurse for the Dobbs Ferry Middle School and High School for the past six years. I am excited to be a part of the Discover Camp staff where educational excellence, creativity, imagination, and pure fun are our focus.

Each year we strive to make improvements that will benefit the safety of our children at Discover Camp. Our medical office is made up of a registered nurse and a basic life support assistant. In addition to the medical office staff, dozens of instructors and counselors are “CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Advanced First Aid” certified, which includes our off-site counselors. Our medical office is equipped with an AED, oxygen, a nebulizer machine, epi-pens, and a collaborative agreement with Phelps Memorial Hospital to administer epinephrine so that your child does not have to. We are always open to suggestions to improve medical care for our children, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

This summer, I will be celebrating 16 years of marriage to my wonderful husband Mark. We have three amazing sons, Christopher, Carmelo, and Caleb. Not only am I a Discover Camp staff member, I am a Discover Camp parent too. As a parent, it is reassuring to know that my children are safe while having fun and enriching experiences.

Please keep in mind the following required items in order for your children to start camp. There are no exceptions.

  • Complete the Discover Camp online medical form.
  • Obtain and submit Medication Authorization forms if your child requires medication during camp hours. These can be downloaded from our website or can be requested directly from us.
  • Medications must be delivered by an adult and approved by a medical staff member. Ensure all medications are in their original container with an unexpired date. Clearly print the child’s name on the bottle or package. For each prescription, the prescribing doctor must fill out the Discover Camp Medication form.

Thank you for your attention to these very important items. I am looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Cara de Leon, BSN, RN

Discover Camp Head Nurse

Jillian KaplanDear Families,

I am looking forward to my 13th summer at Discover Camp. My journey at Discover Camp began at 16 with my first position as camp photographer, I later transitioned to counselor, head counselor, and eventually teacher. Discover Camp jump started my passion for teaching. It was here that I decided what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I return every summer to learn something new.

My love of music brought me to study Music Education at Arizona State University, though every summer I still found my way back to camp. After teaching in Phoenix, AZ for a few years, I came back home to NY to attend Teachers College, Columbia University.

I currently teach general music and chorus at Concord Road Elementary School and Ardsley Middle School. As a music teacher, I understand that fostering creativity and exploration is vital for young children and their development. I believe Discover Camp is a safe environment for students to try new things and explore their hobbies and passions. Though I can’t wait to see what Summer 2024 will bring, I will always wish I could experience it as a camper!


Jillian Kaplan,Assistant Director

Matt GrayDear Families,

My journey at Discover Camp started 20 years ago when I was 10 years old and took my first Rocketry class taught by DC’s late Co-Founder, Anthony Rich. It was the first of many of his classes that I took, and all of them encouraged me to think outside the box, not be afraid to fail, and follow my innovative ideas. These learnings have taken me far.

In 2008, I joined Discover Camp’s inaugural team as Mr. O’Neil’s CIT in Rocketry, when the camp had only 40 campers and a handful of staff. Each year since then, the camp continued to grow as word spread about the amazing experience that kids were having at camp. As the camp grew up, I grew up, working through the ranks of counselor, head-counselor, and rocketry instructor. In 2012 and 2013, I decided to intern for the camp, managing payroll, procurement and general operations of the business instead of taking an internship in NYC.

After graduating from Villanova University in 2014, I joined a leading multinational tech company where I’ve worked across various roles in product innovation and corporate strategy, living in New York, London, Italy and India. Much of what I’ve been able to bring to my team came from my experience at Discover Camp. Throughout my career, I’ve mentored a handful of DC alumni as they have begun their careers in technology and business. I’ve also remained a strategic advisor to the DC team, meeting with them periodically each year to share my ideas and perspective from working abroad to help make Discover Camp better each and every summer.

This summer, we are delighted to introduce some exciting new classes and programs based on parent feedback, as well as long-time camper favorites. Discover Camp truly is an amazing place, inspiring kids to follow their passions each summer, and we know 2024 will be no different. Whether it’s your child’s first summer at camp or they are returning, we can’t wait to welcome your family and see what the next generation of campers will go on to accomplish.

Warm Regards,

Matt Gray, Strategic Advisor

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