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The Discover Independence program is for the experienced student who wants to create an individualized study program or who is not ready to be a CIT yet.  With our help, students design their own program.  Students will work with instructors but must be able to demonstrate independence and act as a role model for other students.  This program is meant for children who have attended Mr. Rich’s classes or Discover Camp for a number of years and have proven their ability. Students applying for this program should write a letter to Mr. Rich explaining why they are a good candidate and what programs they are considering.  Parents understand that the materials fees for this program can be significantly more (depending on the models & kits chosen).  Consider a more challenging RC car or truck, upgrade your existing cars or trucks, try a tank or sailboat or my favorite idea, try building a TAMIYA vintage kit, the same that I built when I was a kid.  Contact the Discover Camp office to discuss the specifics.
Last modified: Monday, 16 January 2012, 12:18 AM